Thursday, November 9, 2017

Error :"(415)#Unsupported Media Type" While creating #requisition from # Position Org Chart

Position to Job Requisition Integration

The following are frequently encountered configuration issues when implementing Position to Job Requisition integration
How To:
  • 2231580 - defaultLanguage of Job requisition created from Position
  • 2170384 - Position Requisition Integration: Hiring Manager name not populated in Job Requisition
  • 2326519 - How to Permission Create Job Requisition in Position Organization Chart in Employee Central
  • 2241733 - Missing Object Definitions - Position Requisition Mapping and Position Requisition Field Mapping
  • 2459789 - Position to RCM Integration recommended mappings for Foundation Objects
  • 2386842 - Function Format Date for Position to Job Requisition Mapping not available
  • 2462194 - How to map a Deciaml field from the Position to a Text field in the Job Requisition
  • 2343638- Unable to create Business Rules for Position Management to Recruiting Integration
  • 2164748 - Error :"(415)Unsupported Media Type" While creating requisition from Position
  • 2292166 - Error while creating a job requisition from Position Org Chart
  • 2458609 - Error occured when creating job requisition from Position Org Chart
  • 2164796 - "Insifficient Permissions" Error While creating requisition from Position (Internal version 2194899)
  • 2421108 - Error Invalid property name [jobRequisition/numberOpenings] while creating a Job Requisition from Position Org Chart

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

SF #PCC Payroll Control Center

Functional Overview of the Payroll Control Center – SAP Press Book by Imran Sajid

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SAP Experts Article on an Introduction to the PCC

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

new People Profile 3 (#PP3 EC) # changing label UI # Configure People Profile

its even simpler with new People Profile 3 (PP3) feature

before changes

after changes

Navigate to Admin Center > Configure People Profile ->change  label ->Career&Goals

lable change UI # Manage Business Configuration

before changes in employee profile

when we nagivate to home ->employeefile ->profile->awards

we will demonstrate how the label changes when changes are made in Manage Business Configuration

refresh for changes to reflect

easy peezy:)