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Friday, May 22, 2015

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

What is #Role Based Permission (RBP) in #SuccessFactors

What is Role Based Permission (RBP) in SuccessFactors Unlike SAP On Premise where we have Tcode /structural authorisation,in SuccessFactors ,Authorisations are controlled using Roles based. we will see how RBP are created  Manage Permission Groups  Manage Permission Roles Firstly we will create a permission group secondly we will create a permission role
Source:SuccessFactors Lets closely look at how we created permission group Admin Tools->Manage Employees->set user permissions->Manage Permission Groups Click Create new
Permission Group once the group is created then we can use multiple options to add users based on multiple options,in this case I have chosen by Title –HRIS Manager
click Done
after adding we can see how many users are tagged as HRIS Managers
The next step is creating the Manage Permission Roles.Here we will create a new Role with the desired permissions like read/edit etc and different modules/fields and map the Group we created in the previous step. Admin Tools->Manage Employees->set user permissions-> Manage Permission Roles click
We give the name and description
next we assign the permissions
in this case only Manage Time off will be visible for the users assigned with this role(2 users we saw in the beginning)
Finally we grant this Role to the group (2 users) by clicking on
and chose the Group
Simple and Easy:)

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