Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#Important payroll functions#GBSXP and feature #G000 payroll schema# Statutory Absence Processing-#Statutory Maternity Pay -#SMP and OMP-occupational maternity pay

OMP and SMP absences and payroll calculation


RAB                       Read absences
XNAB                      Process OSP and OMP absences
PAB                       Process table AB
GBSXP X                   Process Statutory Absences

Important wagetypes

 /MMU SMP Paid - SMP Paid week(upper)
 /MPY SMP amount SMP amount

 OMPP Payable - Payable OMP                                               
 SMPR Paid SMP      - Paid SMP(recoverable)                                         
 SMPN Paid SMP(non-recoverable)
/011        Daily Rate (OMP)
/201 Average: overtime
/202 Average: SMP
/203 Average: SSP
/211 Salary relv.AWE,retro
/212 Salary relv.AWE,non-retro
/213 Non-salary relv.AWE

 GOFFS-GB SSP Offsetting against OSP


Thursday, July 24, 2014

#10 Improvements You May Find Useful in #SAP HCM E-Recruiting

#Tips on SAP HCM

#SAP HR & #Payroll UK/GB Specific Transaction Codes

#SAP HR Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

#SAP Product documentation-whats new?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#SAP GB/UK Statutory and Occupational Adoption Pay -#SMP/SAP/SPP GB (Infotype 0088) - #Payroll Great Britain


Statutory and Occupational Adoption Pay



Remaining entitlements
RAB                       Read absences and say IT has the absence and its absence valuation rule is 02

XNAB    function                  Process OSP and OMP absences
Absence Vrule changes

PAB                       Process table AB
PIT   G015 GEN            Valuation of time-related wage types
GBSXP X                   Process Statutory Absences

3 OAPP Payable OAP01                                                     Payable OAP
3 SAPR Paid SAP(re01                                                     Paid SAP(recoverable)
3 SAPN Paid SAP(no01                                                      Paid SAP(non-recoverable)
Wagetypes are generated and pushed to IT
OAFL     OAP 100%
ONIL      Nil pay
3 /GPY SAP Amount 01                                   3.00              414.54
Is generated and pushed to RT