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Friday, March 27, 2015

#‎SAPCertification‬ in the Cloud Goes Live! Read more: http://spr.ly/6182NPVp

around 50 copies #SAP HCM - A Complete Tutorial ,sold in the #3rd quarter 01/10/14 - 31/12/14

thrilled sharing this , around 50 copies #SAP HCM - A Complete Tutorial ,sold in the #3rd quarter 01/10/14 - 31/12/14

Creating #Metadata Framework Objects in #SuccessFactors Employee Central


Monday, March 23, 2015

Buildding block of #SFSF EC cloud #Foundation Table Objects (FO) Overview

SFSF vs On Premise comparison We know the building blocks of on premise viz.enterprise structure,personnel structure company company code personnel area pessonel sub area employee group employee sub group similarly we will be curious to know the building blocks of SFSF EC(Cloud) They are as below in SFSF they are called as Foundation Tables and they house many standard fields Foundation Table Objects (FO) Overview a.Org structure b.Pay c.Job HR Data Management a.person info b.employment info Legal Entity can be compared to company code where we normally have only one currency and one country

#SFSF Employee Central Implementation


#SFSF Employee Central Implementation kickoff


Saturday, March 21, 2015

#SuccessFactors BizXpert Implementation Methodology(on cloud) is similar to the #ASAP methodology ( SAP on-premise) implementations

BizXpert Methodology Sales Prepare Raealize Verify Launch BizXpert Methodology is similar to the ASAP methodology that is used in SAP on-premise implementations. Like in ASAP methodology, Sales is included in the BizXpert methodology. Sales: During the Sales phase, the scope of the project is determined. The scope includes the technical and functional scoping. During this phase the transition from the sales cycle to consulting is initiated. Prepare: During the Prepare phase, the PTO (Project Team Orientation) is initiated. This phase includes project planning, on-boarding the team, kick-off meetings, and conducting workshops for requirements gathering. Realize: During this phase, the SuccessFactors instance is configured. Based on user inputs, the requirements are refined and reflected in the configuration. Data migration, technical developments, integrations (data imports/exports) are also initiated. This phase includes unit testing as well configuration verifications. Verify: Integration testing is conducted during this phase, followed by User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Go-live training is initiated during the end of this phase. Launch: During this phase go-live planning and the cut-over plan is initiated. This phase includes transitioning the instance to the customer and start of go-live support. On successful transition to the customer, the project is closed. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/BizXpert-Methodology-SuccessFactors-Project-Methodology-4412892.S.5837263768538619906